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Happy Birthday My Love!

posted by Esprit Photography    |   January 9, 2012 17:21

It is clearly a bacon and egg and smoothie kind of breakfast honor of Tristan's birthday. The number of birthday's he's had will remain undisclosed though, for fear he may remove this post.

Although I have many blog posts that could be posted today; they shall wait for tomorrow as today is the day to honor my best friend on his birthday. The smoothie I made for him this morning prompted me to do so...

The fruity, smooth and icy cold drink was the breakfast treat on the menu for the celebration. Who doesn’t love a smoothie? As I prepared the blender, I failed to tighten the bottom as I should have. As soon as I poured the juice into the blender it ran out the bottom on to the counter as fast as a flowing stream. Much to my dismay and crying out; Tristan was there to my rescue without even asking. As pleasant as can be, with a spring in his step and a whistle on his lips - he was the one to clean it up and fix my failure to tighten that blender. I was to be the one to bless him on his special day, but instead the tables turned and he was the one to bless and help me. What a guy.

As I poured the delectable treat into special stemmed glasses, I gave myself and one of my daughters less. Chloe (our 11 year old daughter) loves water more than anything, and doesn't usually like anything else. THis time however, she wanted a bit more than usual to join in on the celebratory treat. So, who got the least amount of smoothie on his special day? Tristan. Although he loves smoothies and it was his day, clearly; to take the most, the best and the biggest. He lovingly gave it up for his daughter so she could have the most. That’s love – so unselfishly giving to someone else to bring a smile to their face. Thinking of others before himself. What a Dad!

This is the man I get to share the last word with every night and the first word with in the morning. This is the man that I get to spend my life with. This is my husband, best friend and best business partner I could ever ask for! I am honored to be your wife Tristan. I am honored that you are the guy that will shoot weddings with me – that’s the kind of guy that should shoot weddings. A guy that knows real love, feels love and acts it out. Thanks for being THAT guy.

I honor you today. I hope you have the best birthday ever!

Love, Allison.

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